Start up a business in the Netherlands

Want to start up a business in the Netherlands?


Start up a business in the Netherlands, a very interesting opportunity for many entrepreneurs around the world. The Dutch business markets have so many entries on so many different levels, and the possibilities seem endless. Although being a small country, the Dutch have made their mark in the world. Through the years, the Dutch people have proven their sense of trustworthiness and creativity, which lead them to successfully do business all around the globe. Being a diverse country both culturally and demographically, Dutch businessmen can rely on their outstanding relationship with foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The city of Amsterdam is the living proof of the Dutch success story, having one of the highest diversity rates when it comes to foreign entrepreneurship. Another strong business environment is the city of Eindhoven, famous for being the home of the Philips brand legacy.

The proper support you require

How attractive Holland may be to start up a business, it is rather logical that foreign investors lack the needed information and skills to make their business succeed. Whether you are a young or experienced entrepreneur, the proper start is essential. As the famous Dutch saying states: ‘’A good start is half the job done’’. This is where we come in. DBi is exactly the support you need to guide you through your business process. We provide a local Dutch network with experienced professionals who will assist entrepreneurs in any aspect of doing business. Our network will support you to solve problems, overcome obstacles and to seize opportunities.


Looking for local expertise to start doing business in Holland? By understanding your  specific business objectives and goals, we assist you to expand your business on a global basis. Our DBi Netherlands advisors can guide you thoroughly through the complexities of Dutch laws and relevant business issues.

Explore more about us and our professionals. You are just one step away from starting your business in Holland.

Check this step-by-step guide for starting a business in the Netherlands (Holland).

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