Start up a business in Spain?


Start up a business in Spain? The right moment with the right support.

Spain seems to have left the dark times behind. Slowly but steadily, the economy is improving, which implies great business opportunities for both young and experienced entrepreneurs. Although Spain has gone through a recession, the county remains a relatively easy place in which to do business, as demonstrated in its ranking of 33 out of 189 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2016. Factors for which Spain ranked well include trading across borders (earning first place) resolving insolvency (25th) and protecting minority investors (29th). Needless to say, starting a business in such a country is an exciting adventure on which DBi will happily assist you.

Diversity and opportunity

Spain is a very diverse country and each region has its own unique character and distinctive atmosphere. Full of rich history, Spain was one of the world’s first great powers with important overseas activities, including the successful voyage of Christopher Columbus when he discovered the new world under the Spanish flag.

Historically, the primary industrial sectors of Spain have been food, textile, electronics production, highly developed machinery, including automobile plants, railroad foundries and workshops, diesel, electrical engineering and industrial equipment plants. The region of Madrid is the main manufacturing centre of the country. The industry, however, is predominantly concentrated in few regions in Catalonia, in particular around Barcelona, in Asturias, and in the Basque provinces. Iron and steel works are located in the northern regions, together with engineering industries, chemical plants and shipbuilding facilities. In short, a land of diversity and opportunity!

‘’Si vale la pena hacerlo, vale la pena hacerlo bien.’’ (If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.)

DBi Spain

Whatever the legal issue, wherever you are, and whenever you need us, DBi professionals are always ready to respond. With a vast network of attorneys and advisors practicing across the globe, we have the skills and knowledge to assist with all your business needs. While valuing the perspective and insight of our clients, we assist the right way to set-up your business operations in Spain or in other countries effectively and efficiently.

Looking for local expertise to start doing business in Spain? By understanding our client’s specific business objectives and goals, we assist you to expand their business on a global basis. Our DBi advisors can guide you thoroughly through the complexities of Spanish laws and relevant business issues.

Explore more about us and our professionals. You are just one step away from starting your business in Spain.


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