How to set up a business in Malaysia

At present time, Malaysia has become one of the best business countries in the world for investment, one of the best business heaven & hub for doing business. For national economy growth & to attract word business, Malaysia Govt is providing one of the best business law & business taxation facility. Nowadays most of the biggest & medium brands have their industry & business in Malaysia. Unlike many other countries Malaysia providing easy business setup, company registration & investment facility for small businessmen & entrepreneurs. As internationally recognized & certified Malaysian business specialists, today we will discuss some of the most profitable business in Malaysia. We do provide one of the faster company registration process in Malaysia ( within 3-5 days maximum), not only company registration we also do provide company bank account opening services as legal company secretaries by following Bank Negara rules & policy to set up a legal business with banking to make legal business transactions &  taxation. 

We usually do process the company registration with SSM or CCM within 3-5 working days maximum, with full legal procedures, even some times can process more faster. We provide all section forms, CTC’s & all other licenses processing advisory & resolutions as your company secretary service provider. We even do arrange nominee or local Malaysian director for you as a partner to get mutual facility & benefits. Though opening company bank account for foreigner investors are a little difficult, we make the application process easy as experts following all central bank legal policy. We also provide related major business services like accounting, audit, taxation &  setup supports. 


  1. Company registration from a legal company secretary firm as we are providing services.
  2. Proper authorized capital as per business structure.
  3. Proper banking & business licenses
  4. A registered & physical proper office set up or shop, warehouse, etc.
  5. Share cap increase process, where we provide expert legal advisory service.
  6. Related govt permission & licenses as WRT, CIDB or ESD
  7. Proper accounting & audit services, where we do provide one of the best services in KL, Malaysia.
  8. Yearly SST & Taxation as per Govt & LHDN policy, we always encourage our clients to pay yearly tax & we are trying our best to aware local & foreign clients more to pay tax, to make it a business culture practice.

There are some key points that you need to plan before register company:

  • What kind of business are you planning?
  • What licenses and approvals would you need to start your business in Malaysia?
  • Have you prepared a business plan?
  • Are you prepared for the costs involved in registering a company?

The requirements to form a company (according to business act 2016) are:

  • passport or IC copy of directors
  • a minimum paid-up capital of RM1 only
  • a minimum of one (1) subscriber to the share(s) of the company
  • a minimum of one director who is at least 18 years of age and is residing in Malaysia. He/she is not bankrupt and has not been convicted and imprisoned for a period of past 5 years, also under a full healthy mental condition.
  • Lim & Ani Associates can provide you the Local Resident Nominee Director if required.
  • Minimum one Company Secretary (Company Secretary must be professional & licensed). Lim & Ani Associates are one of the best professional & legal company secretary service provider in Malaysia.
  • must have a registered office in Malaysia, it is a normal practice in Malaysia to have the secretarial office as the registered office. We also provide this service for free.

– Name search 
– Company Incorporation 
– CTC’s & chop 
– SSM charges 
– Foreign directors document certification 
– Super Form 
– Printing & Filing 
– Share distribution agreement 
– Finding nominee director & agreement 
– Bank account opening (first bank account) 
– Service charge & related services 
– Initial business counseling & advisory 
* Complimentary Chop (1 ps) 


  • Acting as named Corporate secretary by our qualified professional staff
  • Keep company common seal/chop
  • SSM return filing
  • Maintaining the Minutes and Register Books
  • Provision of registered office address, receive official mails & notices to forward.
  • Advice on secretarial/statutory/compliance/accounting/tax/SST matters
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act. Regular compliance alert via email.
  • Printing & disbursement of papers & notices
  • Business Licenses applications advisory
  • CTC service
  • Accounting, Audit & Taxation services.
  • Company name change/strike off/business nature change/add business, etc services.
  • Share capital update & filing 
  • Documents & reso for applying for various licenses

Why Choose Lim & Ani Associates Sdn Bhd
We have the best business Company services in Malaysia services with experienced & licensed company secretaries, professional accountants, expert business advisors and we offer a one-stop business solution in Malaysia. As a leading corporate service provider, we make sure that your company incorporation in Malaysia runs smoothly while meeting all the existing compliance laws and regulations. 

To know more, counseling & planing with advisors, agreement discussion, etc, contact us any time & visit our office in Malaysia. 
+60108242527 (imo, whatsap & Viber)
+603-84081680 (office land line)

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    My name is Abu Sayed my country is Bangladesh, I am a citizen of Bangladesh, I am coming to Malaysia in 2018, work visa, now I am coming to Bangladesh for corona virus, now I want to open a company in Malaysia, I will do business in Malaysia, you, help me You can do it, business license, everything, you can help me, what do I need documents in that case,

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