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Business development is a very important part of any successful business, if there is no growth or development then it will an ill business. But with our experienced business development services in company registration, investment planning, business setup, risk management, business management, marketing & sales in Malaysia, you can build a strong business organization in the international business market.

Identify global business opportunity is an important thing for investment, in Malaysia, we help you to find & identify the best business to invest for you.

Before any investment, proper business guidance & planning is very important.

  1. Analyzing the company’s business model, investment capacity & target.
  2. Identifying to start or managing the existing business lines suitable for different international markets, accordingly to the company’s competencies and know-how and responding to the business opportunities offered by the Malaysian market.
  3. Accompaniment in decision making on both strategic and practical levels.

Market management in Malaysian international level market.

  1. Developing market research studies in order to select and manage the target international markets based on offer, demand, market trends, the company’s business priorities and strategies in which regards international business development in Malaysia.
  2. Managing offline and online sales channels in Malaysian markets.
  3. Strategic decision making in the market regarding the brand, product, service, communication, pricing, and distribution channels.

Management of clients & sales for clients.

  1. Managing directly the B2B/ B2C and online/offline clients in markets and sales channels.
  2. Managing the complete sales itinerary: from pre-sales, visiting international clients, negotiating with methodology collaboration agreements, profitable and long-term sales with customers.
  3. Developing relations with customers, by integrating them in the company’s value chain and by co-creating products and solutions adapted to their needs.

Do you have any queries in relation to setting up a business in Malaysia? Feel free to contact our Kuala Lumpur Business Specialist A Anirbaan at

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  1. Steve on said:

    I am a Australian wine exporter. I have a authorised representative in Malaysia. I like to know what are the business opportunities available?

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