Trading of Securities (Stocks and Bonds) in Serbia

We have to agree that for some time cryptocurrency happenings and Forex trading platforms are stealing the spotlight in a majority of people’s minds. But what about if the cryptocurrency buzz is not affecting you and you are still interested in the good old stock market, certainly not as wild and fun as crypto fluctuations, yet definitely more rewarding to common sense and prudent planning.

Going further now, let’s see what you can expect if you particularly have an interest in trading of securities (stocks and bonds) in Serbia, so by dedicating a couple of minutes of your time, let us introduce you to the basics painting the trading environment here.

All the trading happenings here are confined to the environment of the Belgrade Stock Exchange market (short BELEX; you can visit it here-, which is fairly old institution dating back to 1894, while currently a member of FEAS and FESE organizations. Due to its market cap value, we certainly cannot add the glamour attributes next to it, compared to some well-renowned stock-exchanges around the world, still, we shouldn’t devoid it of your interest too. Each stock market conceals interesting trading opportunities and efforts here invested recently in making trading as convenient as possible haven’t gone unnoticed. Let’s also mention that IPO stock trading just got a breath of life here recently and maybe you would like to join something from the bare start and participate in its growth gaining deeper insight, which could presumably give you certain lucrative opportunities in later stages.

Let’s focus now briefly on practicalities if you wish to start your endeavors with the Serbian stock market as a foreigner. In order to trade with securities here, you naturally need a bank account. It will be actually several of them, one regular bank account in domestic currency, one regular in foreign currencies, one dedicated to buying stocks and one dedicated to selling stocks. You are also going to need a contract with a broker company that will manage aspects of your trading and finally, you are going to need TIN (tax identification number) issued by the Serbian Tax authority. Sounds complicated? Actually, it’s not. The law office is handling the account opening process for you with or without your presence here, the same office is also arranging a contract with the chosen broker company and is obtaining the TIN on your behalf. After things are settled you are left to deposit funds in your bank accounts, and simply ask the broker to buy or sell securities in which you are interested in, leaving him to deal with the mechanisms of the process. Same broker will provide you with analysis of current stock offerings, good opportunities, foreseeable trends, while law office can perform a deeper search of a certain company whose stocks caught your attention (research of company’s business history, its usual business conduct, review of financial statements, analysis of company’s management…).

Based on all above said, consider us at your disposal if you have the desire for the trading of securities (stocks and bonds) in Serbia, and in that manner feel free to contact our Serbia Business Specialists either at or at

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