Dutch Investment Structure

Setting up a new company or expanding an existing company in the Netherlands or worldwide goes hand in hand with attracting the necessary investors. For a number of reasons, the Netherlands is a very suitable country to set up your investment structure. The Netherlands has a reliable network of banks, and it is also possible here to use the most efficient and most modern form of fund access and administration through blockchain. In addition to setting up and advising on the investment structure, DBi can also provide Blockchain platform technology. Below you will see an explanation of the structure and fund management.

Blockchain fund management

Fund management includes fund access and administration. However, both of these are costly and time-consuming. Nevertheless, with the advent of Blockchain technology, fund management can be made much simpler and much less time-consuming.

What is Blockchain exactly? The commonly used definition of Blockchain is as follows: Blockchain technology is a joint general ledger distributed among the participants of an open or closed network to facilitate transactions without the need for a trusted third party. The collective character of the Blockchain general ledger deserves extra attention in this respect because it indicates the difference between the long-standing digital infrastructure and modern Blockchain technology.

By using Blockchain technology for fund management, there is no need for a third party for fund access and fund administration, with this significantly reducing annual costs and providing transparency for all participating parties.

Investment structure

The investment fund in the structure offers the possibility of separating the control and the economic ownership of the company if so desired. The legal form of the investment fund may be a Dutch Foundation. Access to your fund is very straightforward once the investment structure has been set up, and does not require the mandatory intervention of a Dutch public notary: you can simply access it online through Blockchain technology. The holding and operating companies may have any desired legal form you wish, e.g.: Dutch B.V. (a private limited company), N.V. (a limited liability company), Cooperative or a legal form incorporated under foreign law.

The above structure makes investing in your company very accessible to investors. In addition, this investment structure offers flexibility for the company in the field of taxation and financial law. Our advisers will tailor the final structure and put it together optimally for your company. The whole principle behind this investment structure is that there is no licensing or registration requirement with the AFM (Dutch financial markets regulator) if the right conditions are met. Of course, you can also opt for a permit or registration requirement if that is what you would like.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in a Dutch investment structure for your Dutch or globally active company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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