Free Marketing Tools for Beginner Business Owners

Marketing is very important and you need to master it for your business to thrive. Marketing techniques are essential for you to stay ahead of your competitors. For your business to be successful and to stand the test of time, you need to be aware of some marketing tools that are user-friendly and affordable.

We live in a world where business owners do not need to have budgets worth millions of dollars to market their products or services. There are various marketing tools, depending on the business’s nature, that is not just free but are readily available for you to get ahead of your competitors in the business world.

Various Marketing Tools based on their uses

  • Traffic and Engagement

This is for the business that requires a website. 

SumoMe: This is the perfect example of a marketing tool that provides effective traffic and engagement. SumoMe consists of various options you can use to compile email addresses from your website visitors as a beginner business owner. SumoMe also clarifies how visitors can use your web pages with content engagement metrics and heat maps.

  • Marketing automation and email marketing

Hubspot: if your business requires a substantially bigger budget than usual, and you might need more advanced marketing automation, then Hubspot is the marketing tool for you. It helps you to create landing pages and is also very useful in email marketing and blogging. Apart from email marketing, you can also get real value from the system even without using all the available features.

MailChimp: If your business requires sending many email newsletters, then the MailChimp tool is the best tool for you. It possesses professional templates and a good interface. 

  • Conversion rate optimization and landing pages 

There are also two major market tools that you can use to optimize conversion rates and create landing pages.

UnBounce: This is a marketing tool used to create landing pages. You do not require the service of a web designer because the template library is excellent and you can also customize it to meet your specifications. Also, UnBounce helps in A/B testing tools. This helps in optimizing conversion rates and finetuning your landing pages.

Visual Website Optimizer: This software possesses affordable A/B testing tools. It is more affordable when compared to UnBounce, but they perform the same function.

  • Design and Visuals

There are various effective marketing tools that you can utilize if your business needs to create some stunning designs and visuals. 

Logo Creator: This is a free online tool used to create images and logos. This is majorly used for creating logos for social media and blogs. So, if you are interested in creating images for social media for free, Logo Creator is a good tool for you.

Canva: This is a design tool that is used for building images for presentations, social media, posters, and so on. It is easy to use. It also possesses excellent tools, and you do not need to be an expert in design to use the tool.

  • Content Marketing

Some of the market tools used for content marketing are:

HARO: This tool provides expert quotes when writing for blogs. As a content writer, this is an effective tool that can help you connect topical experts with reporters.

Evernote: As a content marketer, you need to always take down ideas and notes. Evernote provides the platform to do this. It has excellent search features, and it is also easy to categorize your notes.


As a beginner business owner, utilizing these marketing tools will go a long way in making your business stand out amongst your competitors.

Author: Mariana Goodwin

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