API (authorized payment institution) license in the UK

Details of this transaction

  • API license that has been previously used for money remittance between UK & Poland.  
  • The license can be transferred to a qualifying buyer and be ready for use within a short period of time.  
  • The seller is able to facilitate the transfer process.  
  • PSD2 authorization  
  • Clean – No fines or warning from FCA  
  • Passportation – UK + Gibraltar 
  • Capital GBP 155.000
  • External Compliance Audit Dec 2019 – Passed
  • Business & Safeguarding Bank accounts in Poland,  Latvia & Lithuania  
  • The company has an account with SafeNetPay (UK), Igoria  (Poland) & CurrencyOne (Poland)  
  • Company may issue its own IBANs in EUR currency  for SEPA & SEPA Instant)
  • All Necessary internal documentation  (procedures and policies) for conducting  of E-money business and opening of  correspondent accounts  
  • CENTROlink (Bank of Lithuania) for  SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA  INSTANT Credit Transfer payment schemes. Potentially the company may  get a connection to Target2 (via a  commercial bank in Latvia)  
  • The rental agreement for the SaaS platform.  The agreement can be stopped at any  time for further migration to another  platform

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