MSB financial license in Canada

Canadian MSB licensed company, that can also do crypto activities as well as online banking activities. 

Details of this transaction

  • The company can conduct these licensed activities:
  • Money remittance;
  • Forex dealing;
  • Crypto exchange
  • The MSB license activities permission also includes card issuing, IBAN account opening. So basically it can work as an online bank for money transfers + crypto activities.
  • The MSB can passport its services to the whole EU, in regards to the Canada-EU trade agreement.
  • The company comes with 2 banking accounts.
  • With this banking package, you can open segregated client accounts to store clients’ funds.
  • The company transfer can be done within 2 weeks.
  • In order to share company and license information, providing proof of funds will be necessary.

One thought

  1. Lainy F on said:

    Hi, we’re looking to incorporate in Canada and wants to obtain an MSB license as well. We are a start up fintech registered in England and Wales recently specializing in alternative payment methods particularly in Asia.

    Please provide pricing to this email :

    Thank you

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