Investment proposal for Aseptika’s remote patient self-care solutions

Location: UK

Business Description

Out-patient care in the post-pandemic era is outdated & labor-intensive, which raises risk and costs hospitals huge amounts of resources.  To overcome this problem Aseptika provides remote monitoring, self-care, and treatment plans. 

Following are the four pillars of Aseptika’s business:

  • Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation Remote monitoring of post-op/incident patient care: Evidenced as proving clinical benefit. 
  • Remote Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Activ8rlives platform used to create Active+me REMOTE Pulmonary Recovery solution. 
  • Difficult/severe asthma in children: The Asthma+me REMOTE is a version of Activ8rlives focused on supporting the parents/carers of children with severe asthma. 
  • Remote digital solutions to patient self-care : GP / Doctor “light-touch” remote monitoring solution to avoid contact points for vulnerable people. 

Other benefits include: 

  • More consistent, frequent & detailed patient monitoring.
  • More freedom and flexibility for those in treatment.
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • Gets technology directly to patients.
  • Reduces health inequalities.


  • Certified as a Class 1 medical device. GDPR compliant.
  • NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit. 
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certified. 

Market Potential: 

The @Home healthcare market is growing at around 10% per annum, which is accelerating due to pandemic. 

There is both a global and domestic application for Aseptika’s remote patient self-care. 

  • Global Home Monitoring market size: US$43 billion.
  • Major markets: USA/Canada/Australia, China, EU, Far East, MENA and India.

Achievements to date

Aseptika is already active in the domestic and international market winning healthcare tenders. It is actively engaged in over £12m of tenders for 2021 and beyond. 

  • Invested over £3.5M in grant funding to develop our platform technology and monitor which connects to Aseptika’s secure cloud portal. Together, Activ8rlives tracks, monitors, alerts, enables, and educates patients.
  • Two patents granted in key markets.
  • Aspetika already has 70,000 users and 5,000 unique device up-loads each day. It collects and hold securely and privately a lot of data.
  • Activ8rlives products are already approved (up to Class lIa) medical devices. They develop and manufacture to the ISO 1348:2016 quality system, which is a requirement for medical devices to receive an EU CE and UKCA mark and for FDA approvals e.g the PUFFClicker Inhaler Tracker and BuddyBand2 wearable which is manufactured in-house.

Futue goals: 

  • Organic sales growth to +£5-8m million by March 2026.
  • Maintaining profitability with this growth.
  • Trade sale: 5 years. £60-120 million valuation driven by IP and revenues

Funding Proposition :

Investment Sought : £500,000 – £5,000,000 (£2.5m allows £1.6m Innovation Loan draw-down). 

Valuation :£5.5m 

EIS Eligible?: Yes (UK’s HMRC pre-approval) 

What these funds will be used for? :

  • Roll-out new product versions: PUFFClicker2 (manufactured in-house), Active+me REMOTE, Cardiac and Pulmonary Recovery implementation services. BuddyWOTCH into production. 
  • Appointment of full-time Executive team.
  • Grow sales profitably. Exploitation phase post-pandemic. 

Timing: Target close Q2 2021 

Interested Investors can directly contact the seller via the link below!

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