Guatemala – Legal & Tax Changes 2021

2020 was an atypical year, most companies had to make changes and resist the strong winds of the Covid-19 pandemic, there were economic sectors that were hit hard and other businesses that flourished. We also regret the loss of loved ones. However, here we are today, thank God we move on, almost adapted to this way of life and in which most of the businesses are online.

Here are some of the changes that will affect the economic and social environment of Companies and Organizations in Guatemala:

  1. SALARY: Minimum 2021

The minimum payment by government regulation is as follows:

– Non-Agricultural Q. 3,075.10

Calculations: Q. 92.88 x 365/12 = 2,825.10 per month + Q. 250 Bonus

– Agricultural Q. 2,995.37

Calculations: Q. 90.16 x 365/12 = 2,742.37 + Q. 250 Bonus

– Maquila & Textile Q. 2,831.77

Calculations: Q. 84.88 x 365/12 = 2,581.77 + 250 Bonus

Legal Basis: Government Agreement 250-2020

2. SALES: Mandatory Electronic Invoice

According to the government agreement 222-2019, it is established that the FEL Electronic Invoice will be the only means that the Tax Administration will authorize for the issuance of tax documents to people who register for the first time to carry out an economic activity starting from 1 July 2021.

There are 17 certifiers authorized by the Tax Administration, in addition, that same entity is a free certifier and taxpayers can use the Virtual Agency platforms or the Application for Android and iOS, FEL to prepare the invoice.

Legal Basis: Government Agreement  222-2019 

3. GOVERNMENT: Update General Registry of State Acquisitions

In January 2021, the update process must be carried out for the following entities that are providers of the state, municipalities, Intra and/or decentralized entities

– Companies that sell goods and services

– Individual, national and foreign consultants

– Temporary staff providing technical and/or professional services

Legal Basis: Disc. 57-92 Art. 78

4. COVID-19: Covid Company Registration

Companies and work centers must have an authorized strategy for the prevention and control of outbreaks, and when they have a case of a collaborator with Covid they must report it through the electronic system of the Labor Ministry.

Here is the guide for its elaboration industrial, construction, and agricultural sector 

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