Incorporation of a Company In Malaysia

Malaysia ranked as the number 1 country in the world for easy business process and friendliest in doing investment by the CEOWorld report 2018 & 2019. Strategic location, stability, affordable living with full of business investment opportunities in Malaysia increased the demand for setting up companies on Malaysian soil. Where we are making it more legal & easy for you. Even we are making it easy for foreign investors to register companies in Malaysia as foreigners & get all FDI – Foreign Direct Investment facilities with legal aspects & tax policy in priority.

Legal Requirements

– Company must be registered under the company act 2016 in SSM by a legal & licensed company secretary where we Lim & Ani Associates providing a premium quality service.
– Company must submit an annual return in 12 months period & not submitting an annual report is a punishable offense.
– Company must maintain an accountant to do the cash flow management, audit & taxation. Accounting service is one of the key services of Lim & Ani Associates, with our MIA licensed accountants & CA’s
– Investors can open a full foreign or 100% ownership company in Malaysia, but we still suggest having a nominee director for better business, Nominee director is not a requirement like Singapore but workable in some cases like open bank account and licensing. It’s a good side in Malaysia that you don’t need a business permit to open a business in Malaysia, to invest you can open a business under a tourist visa also, as long as your following the legal process.

We are offering both inshore & offshore company registration in Malaysia.

The requirements to register a company (according to business act 2016)

  • passport or IC copy of directors
  • a minimum of one (1) subscriber to the share(s) of the company
  • a minimum of one director who are at least 18 years of age and are residing in Malaysia. He/she is not a bankrupt and has not been convicted and imprisoned for a period of past 5 years, also under a full healthy mental condition.
  • The Local Resident Nominee Director.
  • minimum one Company Secretary (Company Secretary must be professional & licensed).
  • must have a registered office in Malaysia, it is a normal practice in Malaysia to have the secretarial office as the registered office. We also provide this registered address/office service for free.

Who can be director/shareholder

– Shareholders must be 18 years old at least & mentally fit (hiding vital info from your company secretary is illegal).
– Dependent pass holder can be a company shareholder (not a director).
– MM2H holders can be investor shareholders (not directors) of a company.
– Any local without a banking black list or conviction can be a director & shareholder of a company.
– All shareholders must have on local Malaysian address
– Foreigners with a visit or tourist visa can also register a company to invest, but to avoid traveling costs to Malaysia every time either they can add a nominee director or get a business visa, for which they must follow immigration & legal business policy.

Registration & Banking

– For legal terms, any investors who want to do business in Malaysia must come to Malaysian soil to register the company by providing all genuine info & documents. It’s a must to avoid legal & AML issues which we always suggest our clients to follow.
– Full foreign can open a bank account in some special conditions under bank negara rules in some foreign banks, we can help to do so as your company secretary, but avoid complicated situation we suggest to add a nominee director or do joint venture, which will make your business banking more easy which is must for business transactions, licenses & many more. To open a bank account as a full foreign, the company should have an office setup & address including a landline.

Share capital

– Locals can always open enterprise, sdn. bhd. company (half-million or RM 500,000)
– According to actual situation foreigners must open RM 1 million sdn. bhd. company at least or else business & licenses will be complicated. Some sweet talker money craving people, to take your money can say half million also ok, but we suggest to be wise & stick to the plan in a legal way for genuine business.

The benefit of local shareholder

– Managing business in foreigner investors abscesses.
– Advantage of the opening bank account as a shareholder (s) is a foreigner.
– Easy for WRT, ESD & other license if a local person is a shareholder.
– Foreign directors only can get business permit which is under ESD & immigration policy, but its a full legal process which requires time. So we always suggest clients to be legal & follow Malaysian law according our advisory & avoid any agent or brokers.


We can help you to register your company in Malaysia, with faster legal process & no hidden costs or many time costs. We offer the best secretarial, accounting & taxation service packages in compact. We provide expert advisory to inform you all the things you need to know, about how to start a company in Malaysia.


  • Company registration
  • Company forms/super form & sections
  • CTC’s & chop
  • Name search
  • SSM charges
  • Foreign directors document certification
  • Printing & Filing
  • Share distribution agreement
  • Finding nominee director & agreement
  • Prepare sign board & Premises licenses application documents
  • Prepare business licenses application documents
  • Prepare immigration applications related papers
  • Registered office facility & virtual office facility
  • Bank account opening charges (first bank account)
  • Service charge & related services
  • Business counseling & advisory
  • Also offering additional services for offshore companies

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