Freelancer visa for AEU: why is it beneficial to obtain?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to work in the UAE, who values freedom and the flexible nature of freelancing? Or a recently settled ex-pat who dreams of setting up their own business and would like to explore the potential of taking on freelance projects upon arrival? Either way, acquiring an official Freelancer Visa for UAE may be just what you need – providing not only legal recognition that enables you to tap into lucrative opportunities in Dubai or other parts of the country but also granting additional benefits such as excess residency permits.

What are the key benefits of obtaining a Freelancer visa?

With the UAE offering resident visas to individuals and their families through freelancer permits, it is the country’s safest and cheapest visa solution. There are numerous key benefits that come with obtaining this visa, such as 0% personal income tax, 0% taxation on dividends, a valid visa for 2 years, and allowing you to enter and leave UAE airports without passport control. Additionally, you only have to enter the UAE once every 180 days to keep your visa active, and you even have the right to buy and operate real estate with rental income not being taxed. Plus, there is also discreet banking with no information exchange in over 60 countries. With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why getting a resident visa in the UAE can be an attractive option for anyone looking to live, work and travel with their family.

Timeline and process of obtaining the visa

Besides the benefits mentioned before, the biggest advantage of a freelancer visa is the timeline as the application process is only one week. There are several steps to obtain the Emirates ID, some of which could be done remotely and some required the person to be physically in UAE.

 The application process has to start with access to the client’s copy of passport and home address to make the freelancer agreement and send the invoice for the services. This process will be held online and does not require the client to be in AUE.

The second step is for AUE solution to get the delivery of the documents and apply for the client’s freelancer permit. The procedure will take about 3-4 days to establish remotely.

The next step has to be performed when the client will arrive in Dubai. The future resident has to go through some medical test, which consists of a blood test, eye scan, etc., and proceed with Emirates ID. After that, the client can leave the country and the visa will be delivered within 15 days directly to the client.

Obtaining work freedom is very important in the 21st century. Nowadays, most of the opportunities are coming from abroad and with a lot of flexibility. A freelancer visa is a great option to easily and quickly get what you need as an entrepreneur or freelancer to make the working process much easier and open the world of opportunities. In DBI we can make your work become a dream! If you need any consultancy to establish a freelance visa in AEU – contact us immediately! We will make it work for you!

Updated: 9-10-2023


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