Legal Insight Vol. March 2024 of Bangkok Global Law

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As Thailand continues to evolve its legal and regulatory framework, Bangkok Global Law (BGL) is strategically positioned to guide businesses through these changes, offering expert insights and innovative solutions. In collaboration with DBi, we extend our support to enhance our clients’ market presence in Asia and beyond. Here’s how BGL and DBi can assist clients in adapting to the latest Thai regulations:

Virtual Banking License in Thailand

The Ministry of Finance has introduced a new framework for virtual banking licenses, effective from March 2024. This sets the stage for companies to revolutionize the banking landscape by establishing digital-only banks. BGL and DBi can assist clients from application to operation, ensuring compliance with all requirements, including significant capital thresholds and digital service mandates. Our joint expertise in technology and banking law allows us to offer creative solutions such as structuring multi-phased capital investments and advising on strategic technology partnerships that align with regulatory expectations.

Real Estate Registration Fee Reduction

With recent reductions in real estate registration fees, there’s a new incentive for purchasing property in Thailand. BGL provides tailored solutions to maximize these benefits, particularly for Thai nationals. We can facilitate smooth transactions, ensuring all legal aspects are handled efficiently while leveraging the new cost advantages. For developers and real estate investors, BGL can offer innovative investment structures and partnerships that optimize the financial benefits of these regulatory changes.

Navigating Import and Export Regulations

Thailand’s import and export landscape is highly regulated, with specific licenses required for various categories of goods. BGL and DBi offer comprehensive guidance on obtaining the necessary licenses and navigating the complexities of customs regulations. For businesses affected by the stringent controls on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other sensitive goods, we can assist in compliance strategies and partner with local experts to expedite approvals from agencies like the FDA.

Telecommunications Sector and the Impact of Mergers

The recent reversal by the Supreme Administrative Court regarding the True-Dtac merger highlights the evolving nature of competition law in Thailand’s telecom sector. BGL is at the forefront of providing strategic legal advice on mergers and acquisitions in this critical industry. We help clients understand the implications of such rulings and prepare for potential regulatory challenges, offering innovative solutions for compliance and strategic restructuring to mitigate risks associated with market concentration.

Personal Data Protection in Thailand

With the enforcement of new rules regarding the collection of criminal records, businesses must navigate complex privacy regulations. BGL and DBi provide crucial support in establishing compliant data collection processes, ensuring that clients meet both the legal requirements and the ethical standards expected in today’s digital landscape. We can also offer proactive solutions like compliance audits and training programs to ensure ongoing adherence to the PDPC regulations.

SEC Reporting Changes

The recent updates from the SEC regarding reporting obligations for securities and futures contracts provide both challenges and opportunities. BGL and DBi can help clients adapt to these changes, offering solutions that leverage the new flexibility while ensuring transparency and compliance. Our services include developing internal compliance systems that automate and streamline reporting, reducing the administrative burden while maintaining accuracy and timeliness.


At Bangkok Global Law, in partnership with DBi, we not only keep pace with legal changes but anticipate how these developments affect our clients. Our proactive, innovative legal solutions ensure that businesses not only comply with the law but thrive under the new regulations. Whether it’s navigating new banking regulations, optimizing real estate investments, or ensuring data protection, BGL and DBi are here to guide you every step of the way.

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