New Tax Landscape Albania

As we step into 2024, Albania is undergoing substantial changes in its tax regulations, with significant implications for businesses and individuals. Muja Law, a premier legal firm specializing in tax and regulatory frameworks, has conducted extensive research and provided a comprehensive update on these developments. This information is crucial for our clients and partners at Doing Business International (DBi) to ensure they are well-prepared to adapt to the new requirements.

Detailed Overview of Legislative Changes

Based on the research by Muja Law, the Albanian government has introduced several pivotal laws reshaping the tax framework:

  • Law No. 29 “On Income Tax”: This law expands the scope of taxable income to include inheritances, donations, and gambling winnings, broadening the financial landscapes that individuals and entities need to navigate.
  • Law No. 94/2023 on Excise Duties: The revision of excise duties calculation and indexation directly impacts sectors dealing with excisable goods, necessitating a recalibration of financial strategies.
  • Law No. 95/2023 on Tax Procedures: Enhanced clarity in tax procedures and terminology through this law aims to simplify compliance, reducing the administrative burden on businesses.
  • Law No. 96/2023 on National Taxes: This law adjusts carbon tax rates and coal taxation, signaling a move towards more environmentally conscious fiscal policies.

Implications for Stakeholders

The changes outlined by Muja Law have broad implications:

  • Updated Tax Rates and Brackets: It is crucial for taxpayers to understand how these adjustments affect their financial planning and obligations.
  • Impact on Corporate and Investment Income: The new definitions and criteria for taxing corporate and investment income necessitate a thorough review of business models and revenue structures.
  • Global Business Considerations: Modifications in the taxation of private pensions and foreign entities have significant repercussions for international operations and expatriate financial planning.

Strategic Recommendations from Muja Law

Muja Law advises all businesses and individuals to take proactive steps in light of these changes:

  • Reevaluate Financial and Tax Strategies: Align financial planning with the new tax regulations to ensure optimal outcomes and compliance.
  • Adapt to Enhanced Compliance Measures: Update internal processes to meet the more stringent compliance requirements introduced by the new laws.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: Given the complexity of the new tax landscape, engaging with tax professionals such as Muja Law is more important than ever to navigate these changes effectively.


The transformation of Albania’s tax laws presents a dynamic challenge that requires careful navigation. The research conducted by Muja Law is invaluable for our clients, including those at DBi, providing them with the insights needed to adapt and thrive under the new regulations. As always, Muja Law remains a pivotal resource for expert legal and tax advice in Albania, helping businesses and individuals to not only comply with new regulations but also to seize any emerging opportunities.

For further information and tailored advice, we encourage reaching out to Muja Law directly. They are equipped to assist in understanding and implementing the required changes to meet Albania’s evolving tax requirements effectively.

Contact DBi at now for all inquiries related to Albania’s Tax & Law changes, and to explore how these developments can impact your business strategy. Let us assist you in adapting to these reforms and optimizing your financial and legal strategies in Albania.

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