PSP Fraud Case – Case study of Bahrain Payment Processing Fraud Case

Case Overview: Our client, involved in international transactions, experienced abrupt communication halts and transaction failures with ALPHA BUSINESS SERVICES starting July 27, 2023. This disruption left substantial funds in limbo, impacting business operations and financial stability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rise in PSP Fraud: This case reflects a disturbing increase in PSP-related fraud, underscoring the critical need for enhanced vigilance and proactive financial management.
  • Legal Recourse: We are pursuing all available legal avenues to recover the affected funds and ensure such breaches of trust are addressed decisively.
  • Global Challenge: The complexities of dealing with international finance laws demand specialized legal expertise, which is why our partnership with Hassan Radhi & Associates is so vital.

In a digital age where financial transactions are increasingly handled online, the role of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) has become central to global commerce. While PSPs offer unprecedented convenience, they also pose new risks, as highlighted by a recent case managed by Hassan Radhi & Associates involving ALPHA BUSINESS SERVICES W.L.L, a PSP based in Manama, Bahrain.

Investigative Insights: Our investigation into the matter uncovered several concerning factors:

  • Persistent Ignorance: ALPHA BUSINESS SERVICES consistently ignored our client’s repeated inquiries and concerns.
  • Public Complaints: A preliminary internet search revealed multiple allegations of similar fraudulent behaviors linked to this PSP.
  • Dubious Connections: The PSP shared office space and business activities with ZELLA BUSINESS SOLUTION W.L.L, another entity with a tarnished history of client complaints and lost funds.

Legal and Financial Implications: This situation sheds light on several crucial aspects relevant to DBi, its clients, and the broader industry:

  1. Due Diligence: The critical need for thorough background checks and ongoing monitoring of PSPs to mitigate risks before engaging in business transactions.
  2. Legal Recourse: Victims of PSP fraud have legal options available. Specialized legal firms like Hassan Radhi & Associates are equipped to handle such disputes, ensuring that legal actions are pursued to recover lost funds and address contractual breaches.
  3. Cross-border Complexities: The international nature of these transactions adds layers of legal complexity, necessitating skilled legal guidance to navigate different jurisdictions and legal systems effectively.

Current Ongoing of the Case: We are currently in the litigation phase, with efforts focused on recovering the lost funds and holding the responsible parties accountable. Our legal team is collaborating closely with local authorities in Bahrain to expedite this process.

Moving Forward: Looking ahead, DBi remains committed to enhancing our risk management protocols. We are implementing stricter PSP engagement policies and increasing our monitoring activities to prevent such occurrences in the future. Our goal is not only to protect our own assets but also to serve as a vigilant partner to our clients, ensuring their transactions are secure in any business landscape.


At Doing Business International (DBi), our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ financial and operational integrity is paramount. In collaboration with Hassan Radhi & Associates, we are addressing the complexities of international finance law and PSP-related fraud head-on. Our approach combines rigorous legal action with strategic risk management protocols to ensure comprehensive protection for our clients’ assets.

For those facing similar challenges or if you are seeking to enhance your transaction security protocols, contact DBi at today. Let us help you strengthen your defenses against PSP fraud and other financial risks, ensuring your business operations are secure and your financial interests are protected.

With DBi, you gain a partner who is not only committed to resolving current issues but also to preventing future vulnerabilities. Our team is ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of the global financial system with expert guidance and robust solutions.

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