Navigating Guatemala’s 2024 Legal and Tax Reforms: Insights for Businesses

Understanding Guatemala's Tax System: Key Insights

As Guatemala prepares for substantial legal and tax reforms in 2024, businesses operating within the region face crucial transitions. These reforms aim to modernize the regulatory framework, improve tax administration efficiency, and ensure compliance with environmental standards. DBi, in collaboration with local experts from Colón Consultores, offers guidance and support to help businesses understand and navigate these upcoming changes effectively.

Strengthening Environmental Compliance

One key update involves the enforcement of Government Agreement 298-2022, requiring businesses to regularize their environmental management instruments before the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) by September 27, 2024. Failure to comply could lead to significant operational disruptions. DBi, leveraging the local expertise of Colón Consultores, provides preliminary environmental impact analyses, helping businesses not only comply but also adopt sustainable practices beneficial in the long term.

Streamlining Tax Administration

The introduction of an online importer registry by the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) represents a shift towards more efficient, streamlined processes. DBi and Colón Consultores collaborate to prepare businesses for digital compliance, offering audits and advice on maintaining meticulous financial records, critical in the era of digital tax audits.

Enhancing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

New OHS regulations demand robust workplace safety strategies. Through our partnership with Colón Consultores, DBi extends its support to ensure businesses implement effective OHS strategies that comply with the new laws and enhance global operational standards.

Comprehensive Support from DBi and Colón Consultores

DBi combines its global perspective with Colón Consultores’ local expertise to offer businesses comprehensive support in navigating these changes:

  • Audit Services: Tailored audits prepare businesses for rigorous financial scrutiny by SAT, especially exporters. Our international perspective complements Colón Consultores’ local insights.
  • Human Resources and OHS Compliance: We ensure that your business adheres to the latest regulations and protects your workforce, integrating international best practices with local compliance strategies.
  • Legal and Tax Advisory: Our joint advisory services cover everything from setting up commercial companies to complex legal and tax compliance, ensuring a seamless approach for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.


The upcoming reforms in Guatemala provide both challenges and opportunities. At DBi, with support from Colón Consultores, we are dedicated to helping your business navigate these changes effectively. Our goal is to ensure that you not only meet the new requirements but also thrive in a regulated environment. For detailed support and consultation, please reach out to our team. Let us transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement.

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