Strategic Insights: Albania’s Tax & Legal Landscape for High-End Tourism Investments

As Albania experiences an unprecedented surge in tourism, marked by historical highs in 2023, the Albanian government has introduced a new legislative framework aimed at facilitating and incentivizing investments in high-end accommodation structures. At Muja Law, together with our strategic partner Doing Business International (DBi), we have analyzed these new regulations to provide our clients and partners with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and obligations presented by these changes.

Overview of the New Government Act

The Council of Ministers has approved a decision establishing stringent criteria and procedures for entities seeking the special status of investor in 4 or 5-star accommodation structures. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance Albania’s appeal as a premium tourism destination and to attract renowned international hospitality brands.

Key Requirements for Investors:

  • Investment Thresholds: Investors are required to commit to substantial financial outlays — at least €8 million for 4-star and €15 million for 5-star projects. These investments must be directed towards construction in designated priority tourism areas.
  • Brand and Management Standards: The accommodation must be managed by an entity registered as a 4 or 5-star internationally recognized brand, maintaining a valid agreement throughout the status duration.
  • Regulatory and Financial Compliance: Applicants must demonstrate financial integrity, absence of bankruptcy proceedings, clean criminal records, and compliance with tax obligations both in Albania and their countries of origin.

Implications for Businesses and Investors

The special status offers numerous benefits, but also imposes specific obligations that require careful strategic planning:

  • Enhanced Market Positioning: By meeting the high standards set out by the new law, investors can position their projects at the top tier of the market, attracting a more affluent clientele and potentially enjoying higher returns on investment.
  • Operational Requirements: The need to partner with recognized brands and comply with rigorous standards necessitates thorough due diligence and robust operational planning.
  • Legal and Financial Advisory: Navigating the complex requirements of the new status involves comprehensive legal and financial expertise to ensure all prerequisites are met and maintained.

The new legislation for special investor status in Albania’s tourism sector offers a promising avenue for fostering international business relationships and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). This initiative is not merely about enhancing local tourism capabilities; it strategically positions Albania as an attractive destination for global investors and reputable international hotel brands looking to expand their footprint in Europe.

Encouraging Global Collaboration

1. Attracting International Brands: By mandating that accommodation structures be managed by internationally recognized brands, the Albanian government is effectively opening doors for more foreign entities to enter the local market. This requirement not only elevates the standard of hospitality services in Albania but also ensures that these operations are in line with international best practices, thereby boosting consumer confidence.

2. Strengthening Economic Ties: The influx of investments from abroad can lead to strengthened economic ties between Albania and the home countries of these investors. Such relationships often transcend the immediate investments and lead to broader economic collaborations, including technology transfer, skills development, and increased trade.

3. Enhancing Albania’s International Profile: Successfully attracting high-value investments and renowned brands enhances Albania’s profile on the global stage as a viable and lucrative destination for tourism-related investments. This improved perception can catalyze further international interest across other sectors, promoting overall economic growth.

How Muja Law and DBi Add Value

In collaboration with DBi, Muja Law offers an integrated approach to legal and business advisory, tailored to the unique needs of investors in Albania’s evolving tourism sector:

  • Strategic Legal Insights: We provide detailed legal analysis of the new regulations, helping clients understand their implications and how to align their business strategies accordingly.
  • Investment and Business Development Support: DBi’s extensive network and expertise in international business enhance our legal services, offering clients strategic connections and support in business development, particularly in identifying and negotiating with potential brand partners.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Our team ensures that all aspects of compliance are managed proactively, from the initial investment phase through to operational execution and beyond. This includes tax planning, regulatory compliance, and ongoing risk assessment.


The new criteria for obtaining special investor status in Albania’s tourism sector represent a significant opportunity for substantial and strategic investments. With the expert guidance of Muja Law and the added international business acumen of DBi, investors can effectively navigate this new landscape. We are committed to ensuring that our clients not only comply with the new regulations but also maximize their investment potential in this booming sector.

For further insights and to discuss how these changes may affect your investment plans, please reach out to Muja Law. We are here to assist you in transforming these new legal frameworks into successful business ventures.

Contact DBi at now if you want to open doors to new business ventures in Albania’s thriving tourism sector. We offer tailored consultation and strategic insights to help you navigate the complexities of investing in Albania and maximizing the potential benefits of the special investor status. Join us in transforming these opportunities into sustainable success.

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