About DBI

“DBI Doing Business in” is a comprehensive and integrated service provider platform, covering all aspects and functions required by a business to establish and operate international, with local expertise.

Doing Business International is aimed at providing integrated, world class expertise in every specialized field that enables companies to avail of the benefits of having a single service provider, whilst ensuring that the very best of specialists in individual domains are compacted and presented to them for faster and seamless coordination during their entire business setup process.

Our aim is to be able to cover not only every service which is needed when setting-up a business abroad, but also assist the company during its lifetime.

Doing Business international (DBI) was founded on the idea of providing the client with a hassle free packaged service that was singularly integrated with their business needs and at the same time removing the various bottlenecks of having to find each local specialist and coordinating their schedules and progress individually.

Through DBi, a client is enabled with a single point of streamlined information flow for consultation with each specialist directly. We allow businesses to get local expertise, the local network and the opportunity to connect with a team that seamlessly operates together. Moreover, the client often deals with the local entrepreneur himself. This local entrepreneur is appreciative of the business, can assist with vast market experience and has his own local network. The combination provides a unique opportunity to get a head-start from any competition.

By the aforementioned innovative process created by DBi a business who wants to start cross border will save a lot of time and money.

Start your business now, start with DBI.