The unique concept of Doing Business intenational (DBi) was created by Hendrik-Jan van Duijn. Hendrik-Jan is an industry veteran in advisory services to his clients from his specialized firms, based in the Netherlands, dealing with foreign companies for years

  • Most clients faced the barrier of language, not being native to the country, and therefore, were easily led astray in the process of finding competent and specialized advisors.
  • Clients, being residents abroad, had to invest heavily in market intelligence at every step in order to gain even the basic knowledge of the local markets
  • Being concerned in their own specialized areas, most of the advisors and consultants did not work together and each had to be individually coordinated.

The single question that him as an entrepreneur to bring this pioneering concept to fruition was: “would it not be much easier to have only one integrated point of contact for all the services required for setting up a company, by bringing every relevant area of expertise under one umbrella to work together?”

By the mid of 2014, this concept was realized with the launch of the Doing Business in the Netherlands website. Since then, DBi has literally gathered the best in breed of specialists available in the Netherlands for every domain to collaborate as a single, cutting-edge team, to provide the first of its kind, unmatched quality in services to clients looking to set up a business in the Netherlands.

In mid 2015 Doing Business in the USA website was set-up. The website contains relevant information for setting up business in the USA. The USA advisors can assist you in the best available way. The team is highly devoted, client focused and always on the ball.

In 2015 Q3 we launched the Doing Business International website. With this website we want to expand globally. So we can obtain our goal: make doing business international very easy, regardless of cultural or regulation differences.

Within one quarter our idea was embraced by early adapters out of Germany, Spain, India, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In march 2016 we updated Doing Business international to create a better platform for our members. We want to have an acitve platform, therefore we connected the linked-in feeds of the member firms to our website. So the entrepeneur can see that our members are on the ball.

We provide you the opportunity to be only an e-mail away from experiencing this ease of doing business. We know that we will exceed your expectations every step of the way. If you would like to join the DBi team in your local jurisdiction with your local expertise, please reach out to us by e-mail.