Banking for Forex companies

Partly due to the anti-money laundering regulations for banks, it is increasingly difficult for companies to open a bank account. Often, an entrepreneur has to endure at least a solid cross-examination to finally get the green light. Banks often focus on your identity and origin of money. That process can take months and sometimes additional phone calls are needed. Problems can also arise when taking over a company. To set up a new structure, a new bank account may be required. This can be done quickly, for example via a few internet banks, but not if there is more than one shareholder. As a result, the acquisition itself can also be endangered. In some sectors, opening an account is even practically impossible. Visit our page on this matter for more information.

DBi has experience with providing services for high-risk industries. Through our years of experience and specialization, we have built up a large network, and we can help you and your business find the right bank and open an account.