Banking for Forex companies

Due to anti-money laundering regulations for banks, it is increasingly difficult for companies to open a bank account. Banks often focus on your identity and source of wealth.

To set up a new structure, a new bank account may be required. Visit our page on this matter for more information.

DBi has experience with providing services for high-risk industries. Through our years of experience and specialization, we have built up a large network, and we can help you and your business find the right bank and open an account.

DBi specialized in banking arrangements for companies in the Forex industry. Forex companies often have problems since the funds are often coming from private individuals, which has an enhanced KYC obligation for most correspondent banks. DBi can assist with B2B and B2C solutions for Forex brokers, platforms, traders, etc. Fill in the form below and one of our advisors will reach out to you.