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Whether you wish to strengthen your business network, differentiate your services, or maximize your brand visibility, our Premium membership can provide you with exactly what you need.

Advantages of Premium membership

1. Boost your profile with privileged visibility 

As a Premium member, your expert profile will get an additional boost. Here your profile (as well your region) will appear at the top of the list, in priority before Freemium experts (non-subscribers to the Premium package). 

Separate webpage showcasing your expertise: 

A highly efficient way to build your business, the separate web page can boost your brand’s awareness by showcasing your organizations’ strengths, offerings, and strategic initiatives. 

It will put your product in the priority listings, cutting through the noise and gaining a competitive edge.

Be even more than visible: become reachable at any time and don’t miss any upcoming opportunities!

2. Expand your reach – facilitated introductions and matchmaking

Enabling you to discover potential partnerships through professional and bilateral meetings across continents, which DBi conducts in collaboration with other networks.

Through such meetings, presenters will get a chance to showcase their products/ businesses. Here Premium members will get an opportunity to access the network meetings for free. The networking opportunities act as a catalyst for your business growth and innovation. 

3. Publish your articles on DBi Blog

When you are Premium, you have the ability to publish your best articles, on a preferential basis, on the DBi Blog. Give yourself additional visibility by asserting your expertise.

Each article is also relayed on the DBi LinkedIn page and can be shared by all members.

4. Amplify your business inquiries – reach wider audiences

Our competing marketing strategies can help you generate preferential business inquiries in your region, thereby increasing the chances of efficient lead generation in your region. Our marketing efforts will utilize specialized Google ads campaigns for better reach and target for your business; 

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