Director Recruitment

People comprise your organization’s core strength. Recruiting the right leaders is key to an organization’s future success! Thus Director recruitment is one of the key decisions for any company. 

We specialize in finding better leadership. We ensure that our client’s boards have a diverse blend of skills and experience that match the strategic direction of their organizations

Organisations place trust in us to build and enhance their boards.

We help in placing directors globally and recruit directors and chairmen for the public, major private, and family-owned companies, as well as non-profit and startups organizations.

We understand the key importance of diverse thinking on boards. Thus we have helped boards recruit directors from sought-after backgrounds and increase the diversity of their composition.

Better leadership, inspiring change, and growing your organization

  • These are the qualities that are making a difference in modern leadership. If you’re ambitious about leadership, courageous about embracing change, and want your organization to grow, then we can help. 
  • We continue to find initiative ways to support our clients are looking for.
  • DBi has ‘Director Ready’ professionals for the organizations.

Like to know more about how DBi can recruit your organization’s next directors?

It is easy to contact us. Firstly, contact us via the link below. Within 24 hrs we will book you in for an initial consultation to ensure we fully understand the type of skills and experience you are seeking.