Doing business in France

Doing business in France



Doing business in France, the land of beauty, romance and excellent taste. Nicknamed ’La douce France’, which means ‘sweet’ or ‘soft’ France, the country certainly has a reputation for impressing anyone who has the chance to visit. Those frequent visitors also include many entrepreneurs and investors, because France is not only a country to enjoy, but also has a powerful business environment. DBi has the right professionals for supporting you when you (are planning to) enter this environment.

Great business opportunities

When you say France, you say Paris. For business purposes, Paris has it all. If you plan to start up a business, Paris offers opportunities in any thinkable section. But looking any further would not hurt you either, as France is more than only Paris. Lyon is the second city of France, and at the same time is one of the most important economies in Europe. France is connected with the east by the industrial areas stretching from the Rhine, which forms the border with Germany, and with areas of the Po River in the north-west. Additionally, it is within reach of the industrial centers of the United Kingdom, as well as the Mediterranean environment from Catalonia to Italy. The French coastline also provides access by sea to Northern Europe, America and Africa through the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea, which account for the world’s busiest waterways. Together with Germany, France is the beating heart of the European economy, and because of its excellent communication, the country holds strong ties with countries all over the world.


DBi France

Whatever the legal issue, wherever you are, and whenever you need us, DBi professionals are always ready to respond. With a vast network of attorneys and advisors practicing across the globe including the Netherlands, USA, China, Germany, Spain, France, and India, we have the skills and knowledge to assist with all your business needs. While valuing the perspective and insight of our clients, we assist the right way to set-up your business operations in France or in other countries effectively and efficiently.

Looking for local expertise to start doing business in France? By understanding our client’s specific business objectives and goals, we assist you to expand their business on a global basis. Our DBi France advisors can guide you thoroughly through the complexities of French laws and relevant business issues.

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