Licensed Entities and Regulated Activities

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges, additionally referred to as digital currency exchanges or crypto exchanges, are basically businesses that make it possible for customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for different assets together with typical fiat money or completely different digital currencies. The exchanges can also function as market manufacturers that take bid-ask spreads as dealing commissions for the services or charge fees. Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming integral to the crypto-asset ecosystem. In short, cryptocurrency exchanges have become a significant part of the crypto-asset system. Checking in with us means optimizing your exchange to the fullest! We will introduce you to several structures in order to optimize your exchange and, in addition, of course, make sure the exchange complies with the laws and regulations of the country in question.

Trading platforms and cryptocurrencies are being set up every week. Crypto service providers or firms offering similar services, and providers of custodian wallets for virtual currencies, must request registration with the authorities and get their licenses before launching their crypto business. With our network and expertise, we are able to assist you in making your launch a success from the start!