Albania Business Specialist

Albania Business Specialist

Mr. Eno Muja is a professional legal advisor, legal practitioner, and lawyer based in Albania, who strongly believes that fostering existing and new relationships with clients is the necessary pillar of building a strong reputation. It is precisely this mindset that has enabled him to remain among the most recommended lawyers in Albania.

After spending a significant amount of his career in various reputed legal firms, Mr. Eno Muja decided to become part of his family-based law firm located in the capital of Albania, Tirana, and further expand it in order to better suit the needs of the clients, be them individuals, businesses or companies both in Albania and throughout Europe and USA.

The family law firm is a full-service and advises clients on all areas of civil, commercial, and administrative law. With significant industry expertise, Mr. Eno Muja strives to provide his clients with practical business-driven advice that is clear and straight to the point, constantly up to date, not only with the frequent legislative changes in Albania but also with the developments of international legal practice and domestic case law. Furthermore, this expertise and legal advice are accompanied by a personal caring touch and very competitive fees.

Mr. Eno Muja additionally delivers services to clients in major industries, banks, and financial institutions, as well as to companies engaged in insurance, construction, energy and utilities, entertainment and media, mining, oil and gas, professional services, real estate, technology, telecommunications, tourism, transport, infrastructure, and consumer goods.

Mr. Eno Muja brings to his clients his wide-ranging capabilities in handling even the most complex cases with ease, as well as his extensive professional network within various administrative bodies and authorities in Albania that enable him to advise his clients correctly. Being a highly qualified and competent lawyer, Mr. Eno Muja has spent significant portions of his career in assisting Albanian Citizens, immigrants, local and foreign businesses, and also companies operating in Albania as well as throughout Europe and the USA with their legal needs, day-to-day business advice in being compliant with the Albanian legislation, and also in registering their companies, all the while taking into consideration a host of international legal issues related to their residencies all over the world.

In addition, Mr. Eno Muja has extensive experience as a lawyer in Albania in handling a multitude of cases of a highly complex nature and helping them reach a positive final result in the courts.

Being a fluent speaker in English, Italian, French and German, Mr. Eno Muja has shown that he has very good communication skills which frequently come to the aid of his clients in better understanding their possible solutions to the problems that they may be facing.

Furthermore, Mr. Eno Muja also likes to help their clients with mediation services, as an alternative dispute resolution method to their problems.

Regarding data protection, the firm of Mr. Eno Muja and his associates places the highest emphasis on stringent data security and confidentiality. Firewalls, standalone servers, and secure line data connections ensure his client’s data is always secured with the best technology infrastructure available today, among all legal firms in Albania.

Mr. Eno Muja’s focus remains to work hard for the success of his clients and to provide excellence in legal service.