Amsterdam Legal Expert

Mrs. Asli is an accomplished legal director who possess extensive expertise in Dutch law, European law, and Turkish law.

With a successful background in corporate governance, corporate law, contract law and international tax law, she is pretty much interested in (financial) technology and energy sectors as well.

Asli stands out as a well-rounded international legal director with her management skills, fostering global connections through strong communication and her high motivation, passion, and liveliness, coupled with confidence and a belief in success, make her a valuable partner to international projects, ensuring a dynamic and reliable approach to legal challenges.

Atlascorp offers a comprehensive suite of services for international companies entering the Dutch market and establishing connections across Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Delivering top-notch services in the legal, tax and administrative field.

Its services mainly include:
1. Incorporation of Legal Entities
2. Management Support
3. Legal Services
4. Accounting
5. Tax Compliance
6. Secretarial Support
7. Immigration Services

Her Firm takes pride in their international reach, collaborating with specialized partners and firms across the globe. This enhances its ability to address the diverse needs of its clients and ensures that its services are tailored to the continually evolving demands of the business landscape.