Beijing Business Specialist

Cao, Johnson, MA with University of Leeds, England, is a veteran management lawyer and organizational strategy advisor, based in Beijing, Mainland China, with both legal expertise and 15 years of experience as a senior executive in multinational companies. He’s also an academic member of the China Management Science Academy, due to his extraordinary contribution to business administration research,  and chief editor of a number of legal publication titles, including  China Labour Law Practical Guide series, China Anti-unfair-competition Guide, HR Guru, HR Legal Management Trend Research Annual Report series. 

Johnson Cao believes, because of the complex regulatory environment nowadays, business administration is very much mixed with regulatory. Business organizational and infrastructure planning must consider legal perspective and on the other hand, the advisor must really understand the business he’s supporting so that the solution he proposed would not make it harder for the business to operate.

Johnson Cao has experience in leading advisory projects covering every phase of business administration, especially in the information and software industry, from setting up a business from zero,  defining organization structure and relevant policy pursuant to regulatory requirements, acquiring a business, to closing a business.

Johnson Cao has his desk in Beijing. He’s also honorarily chairing an organization development consulting company ( He can provide one-stop support to clients doing business in China.