Buenos Aires Business Specialist

After a year of working experience in Chile, Pauline has lived in Argentina since 2006. She started her professional basis in the Dutch–Argentine Chamber of Commerce. She noticed that even though being fluent in Spanish; the first thing one gets confronted with is the challenge of local habits, rules, and conditions. In order to help expats navigate these challenges, she has started her own Business Development branch in Argentina.

Pauline Swart has a bachelor’s degree in European Studies and a Masters in Culture, Organization & Management. Her corporate background includes Unilever in Rotterdam and Santiago (Chile) and Amsterdam Events Company in Amsterdam. Over the years, she has been a Project Manager for several event companies. More than 10 years of experience in the Online Marketing and eCommerce market, which is growing rapidly in Latin America. As a real self-made entrepreneur, passionate about new projects, she has gathered and assisted entrepreneurs in need of seed capital.

Pauline provides the following services:

  • Due Diligence & Market Scan
  • Partner selection & Networking
  • Starting a up business & Representation
  • Project Management