BVI Business Specialist

Mrs. Sherri is a distinguished professional based in the British Virgin Islands, recognized as a ‘fit and proper’ individual by the BVI Financial Services Commission, with the approval to serve as a Director of BVI companies, including those falling under regulatory oversight.

As the Managing Director of a respected law firm located in the Britih Virgin Island,  Mrs Sherri boasts an impressive track record of over 30 years in the fields of finance and corporate business. Her extensive expertise encompasses a wealth of experience in regulatory compliance matters, making her a sought-after authority in the industry.

Sherri’s professional journey has been marked by significant contributions. She has provided valuable consultation services to the Turks and Caicos Government and gained invaluable international exposure while residing and working in Hong Kong as the Director of BVI’s House Asia. Her role extended to serving as the Government Representative for promoting and expanding BVI’s financial services across China and the broader Asia Pacific region.

Mrs. Sherri’s influence in the financial services sector extends globally. As the former Executive Director for the BVI International Finance Centre, she has made her mark as a distinguished speaker at prominent international conferences and events. Her travels and engagements have brought her into contact with key stakeholders in the financial markets of prominent locations, including Shanghai, Dubai, India, Switzerland, London, and the United States.

Education and Professional Associations:
Mrs. Sherri is well-equipped academically, holding a bachelor’s degree in financial management. Her educational background also encompasses legal studies in the UK and a Diploma of Compliance, reflecting her commitment to staying current in her field.

Mrs. Sherri’s commitment to professional excellence is evident through her association with esteemed organizations. She is a Professional Member of the UK International Compliance Association, affirming her dedication to the highest compliance standards. Her commitment extends to her membership in the Association of Certified Fraud Experts (ACFE) and the Association of Certified Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

With a stellar reputation, vast experience, and a commitment to professional excellence, Mrs. Sherri is a trusted figure in the financial and regulatory landscape. Her qualifications and extensive contributions continue to make a lasting impact on the industry and the clients she serves.

If you’re in need of expert guidance or have inquiries about financial and regulatory matters, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Sherri. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every client engagement, ensuring you receive top-tier assistance and insights to meet your specific needs.