Cameroon Business Specialist

Barrister Charles TCHUENTE is a Business Lawyer specialised in legal and judicial support for SMI-SMEs as well as multinationals wishing to invest in the OHADA area (Central and West Africa).

After two (02) years of training at VIAZZI-AUBRIET Law Firm which is the oldest Business Law Firm in Cameroon, Barr. Charles TCHUENTE was sworn into the Cameroon Bar Association in 1997 under the sponsorship of the firm CABINET NYEMB where he practiced for twelve (12) years as a Lawyer in charge of all cases related to national and international investment.

Charles TCHUENTE has oriented his practice towards the specialization of the lawyers in the firm in the broader fields of business law:

  • Merger-acquisition
  • OHADA commercial litigation
  • OHADA taxation
  • Criminal Business Law
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Transport Law
  • Forestry law
  • Environmental and Energy Law,
  • Administrative law

Barrister Charles TCHUENTE is also the President of the Cameroon Business Lawyer’s Association (CBLA) which brings together the best practitioners in the field and whose activities can be consulted on the website

Thanks to this reputation and in order to provide his clients with the best possible support, Barrister Charles TCHUENTE created at the beginning of 2020, a Conference and Training Centre to provide companies with continuous training for their legal and accounting staff.