Costa Rica Tax Specialist

Bernal Eduardo Alfaro Solano is a Lawyer and Public Notary duly incorporated and qualified for the corresponding function in the professional association in Costa Rica, he has also focused on the field of Tax Law, has a master’s degree in Tax Consulting, in which he obtained honorable mention Cum Laude Probatus in 2017 on Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologi?a (ULACIT).

Mr. Alfaro had the opportunity to develop his experience in different legal advisory firms, with more than eight years of experience, especially in the tax area, where he has managed to detect different needs in clients, both individual and corporate (local -Costa Rica- and international), in 2019 there was a tax reform in Costa Rica, for which there were several changes in the regulations, seeing this opportunity, he decided to found, a firm formed in Costa Rica, which focuses on serving both companies and individuals who require support and resolution in matters of a tax, business, registry, and notary matters, as well as other legal areas (Labor, Family, Traffic, among others).

Leus Legal led by Mr. Alfaro provides specialized services that provide legal processes in which it is guaranteed to meet the client’s needs under ethics, professionalism, effectiveness, and timely efficiency, in any of the following areas:

Tax law:

  • General tax consulting in Costa Rica laws.
  • Tax planning. Structuring to search for tax efficiencies.
  • Accompaniment in information requirements of the Tax Administration.
  • Administrative processes and judicial litigation in matters of taxes.

Notarial and registry law

In this branch of Law, the preparation of Public Deeds, both simple and complex, is offered, as well as extra protocol services. The following are cited, but not limited to just what is stated:

  • Transfers of registry assets.
  • Sworn Declaration requested for various procedures.
  • Marriages and Divorces
  • Wills and Succession Proceedings.
  • Incorporations and cancellations of Mortgages.
  • Segregations.
  • Proxys.
  • Signature or fingerprint authentications.
  • Certifications of Copies.
  • Support in the apostille of documents (Give validity abroad to a Costa Rican document).
  • Certifications of Legal Entities with or without indication of shareholding composition.

Business Law

It is known that, at present, much of the trade has a business structure, be it simple, medium, or very complex. In these cases, to reach a higher level of efficiency, it is necessary to have a strategy that makes recommendations on this structure. In this branch of Law, various services are offered, which are not limited to this:

  • Incorporation and dissolution of companies.
  • Mergers and transformations of companies.
  • Amendments to corporate bylaws.
  • Shareholder minutes.
  • Resignation or modifications in members of the Board of Directors.
  • Increases or decreases in Capital Stock.

The offices of Leus Legal are in Barrio Escalante, San Jose, Costa Rica.