Estonia Business Specialist

Argos Kracht has been doing business since 1987, while living in the Soviet Union. He started the Estonian company registration business in 1991 – just before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since then, he has personally been involved in creating ca 5000 companies, Skype Technologies among them.

Business philosophy

Most important in advisory services is understanding.

It is not only about registering companies or taking care of books, it is also necessary to know how value is created in business and what is hidden in the people’s individual and collective minds. To a large degree, one’s modus operandi determines the life experience. If you want to change your life and business experience, it would be wise to examine your modus operandi.

Strong team

Over years Argos with his colleagues succeeded to build an organization with more than 20 experienced employees, including lawyers, accountants and business consultants. They form a strong team which has the capability to provide adequate advice and to efficiently solve many tasks related to company registration and accounting.


Besides deeper understanding, also innovation is crucial for a consulting company to be sustainable.

DBI has been constantly investing in innovation and IT development of the company. Instead of working on many single details, our consultants can now focus on the big picture. They have more time and attention for creative work and real advisory services.

Positive experience

Even though certain bureaucratic processes cannot be avoided, most of our clients get a positive experience when working with us.

Our focus points 

  • Company registration
  • Accounting and tax advising
  • Crypto licenses
  • Virtual office and unique legal address
  • Other related services