Nathalie Pagnon DBi French corporate income tax advisor

French Corporate Income Tax Advisor

Nathalie Pagnon is a highly reputed French LBO Advisor, recognized widely for her accurate and timely advice to clients on a huge range of corporate income tax, registration duties and other corporate taxes. In every acquisition, financing and LBO analysis, she undertakes for her clients, anticipating numerous tax consequences and working closely with her clients and team to prepare the income tax structure to best meet her clients’ business needs in a tax-efficient manner.

Nathalie Pagnon has substantial experience earned during her extensive careers in a wide range of mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance. She adepts at dealing with cutting-edge tax issues, blending her more than 15 years of experience and creativity to creating a tax-efficient structure for her clients of numerous industries. Her tax work comprehends the complete range of issues germane; from corporate income tax to registration duties. Nathalie Pagnon received her Magisterium of Business Law from Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III) and has also keenly completed her DJCE, Business Law in 1997. She started her career as an Avocat Fiscaliste, progressively gaining extensive experience and reputation in assisting businesses and individuals in their associations with the tax administration to determine what a financial sponsor can afford to pay for the target and still earn an adequate return on its investment.

Nathalie Pagnon brings together her unparalleled expertise, significant experience, and knowledge to deliver a seamless and integrated suite of corporate income tax structuring in respect to Leveraged Buyout services to businesses and private equity buyers and sellers. Recommended widely by her clients, she is able to quickly deliberate tax structuring opportunities created by the transactions and takes into account the needs of investors, businesses, and clients in an efficient way.

With her excellent client relationship skills, in-depth technical knowledge, and intellectual rigor and stamina, Nathalie Pagnon offers the insight, advice and strategic guidance to her clients need to navigate today’s corporate income tax regimes. To provide the right guidance, maximize the value, she works back with clients to quickly identify the potential opportunities on the numerous corporate income tax cases and transactions including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, investments, restructuring and cash movements that create tax opportunities.