Georgia Business Specialist

Rati Abashmadze is a managing partner of PB SERVICES LLC in Georgia, a company that specializes in company incorporation, tax structuring, banking, and other legal and consulting services. He has a wide background in personal and corporate tax optimization.

Mr. Abashmadze has a broad knowledge of Georgian tax legislation and the Georgian economy, in general. Prior to starting his own consulting company, he worked for the Ministry of Economy of Georgia where he was busy consulting foreign investors. Mr. Abashmadze was also engaged in the administration of one of the Free Industrial Zones as a Business Analyst and his primary focus was attracting FDI.

As of now, Mr. Abashmadze’s primary expertise is corporate law, tax law, business climate, real estate investment. He speaks three languages fluently (ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, GEORGIAN).

Currently, Mr. Abashmadze and his colleagues spend most of their time assisting expats and foreign investors in:

  • setting up a business in Georgia,
  • settling banking issues related to a personal and corporate bank account,
  • Filing tax returns,
  • Planning and structuring personal tax residency,
  • Helping digital nomads and startuppers to minimize taxes,
  • Helping IT specialists to save on the corporate income tax by setting IT virtual zone companies in Georgia.