Guatemala Legal Specialist

Juan José is a Universidad Rafael Landivar graduate with more than 13 years of experience in corporate, contractual, and tax law.

He has experience with corporate and contractual law, both national and internationally. He creates and restructures businesses with the goal to develop more efficient operations.

In tax law he has advised multiple clients, so they can be more financially efficient, and so that they can avoid any tax contingencies.

Also, Juan José has been very active in the technology sector, which has led him to advise various clients on current topics, like E-Commerce, Software Development, Blockchain, Fintech, and Cryptocurrencies, among others.

Juan José has a specialization in Corporate and Tax Law from Universidad del Istmo.

Juan José founded Legantis Law, a legal firm born in 2017. The firm focuses on advising businesses in each and every area of the law, with the focus to help these businesses grow in their respective industries. The firm has offices in Guatemala City and in Antigua Guatemala, caused by the growth of international businesses and NGO’s located in Antigua Guatemala. The firm advises in the following main industries: Retail, Technology, Real Estate, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Media, Advisory Services, Non-Profits, E-Commerce, Restaurants, Blockchain, and Fintech.