Justus Fischer-Zernin German International Corporate Tax Lawyer

Hamburg Business Specialist

Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin is a professional International Corporate Tax attorney who believes in personal care and accurate advice to his clients, something that has enabled him to become a very recommended German International Corporate Tax attorney. Being a highly qualified and competent German Corporate Tax attorney with three decades of thorough and distinguished experience, Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin has spent significant measures of his career in assisting German and foreign corporations and other types of enterprises operating in Germany as well as in other parts of the world with developing and implementing suitable tax structures and strategies and in numerous tax cases, all while taking into consideration a host of international tax concerns related to his clients’ business and residencies all over the world. Other than dealing with the tax related issues of corporations, he also helps small to giant businesses in successfully setting up and in handling corporate legal matters at different phases especially those dealing with international trade.

From International Corporate Tax to Incorporating Entities, Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin has extensive experience in handling a multitude of situations of a highly complex nature and helping his clients reach compliance with the German Tax Authorities. Some simple facts abide testimony to the competence of Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin as a German International Corporate Tax attorney.: He has keenly completed his “Master of International Law” in international economic law in Canberra, Australia. He has been working as research assistant at the “International Tax Institute” of the University of Hamburg for three years. He has written numerous publications during his career, especially in the field of international tax law, taxation solutions and also on business law. Besides the obvious professional competencies and comprehensive knowledge in German Taxes that he is renowned for, Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin is one of the few licensed professionals in Germany who has also completed his doctorate in the fields of international tax law and international trade law and hence is counted among the top qualified tax lawyers. Since early 2000, Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin is one of the foremost partners at Hanselaw in the field of International Corporate Tax Law and International Entities Law. Since 1999 he is also one of the crucial members of the supervisory boards of several companies.

Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin personally communicates with and supervises each of the tax related cases of his clients in an innovative way, through his clear and precise communication skills. This gives his clients the benefit of not only being advised by a highly qualified German Tax attorney but also getting accurate updates and apprises along with streamlined advice that they can comprehend easily.