Indirect Tax Specialist- Canada

Arnaud Vincent Philibert has been in charge of the Canadian branch office of a European tax firm in Montreal since 2013. The tax firm is present in 25 countries in Europe and overseas and specialized in assisting companies doing business abroad.

He first joined the tax firm headquarters in France and managed daily intra-Community VAT for a portfolio of various corporate clients established in Europe. Arnaud Vincent has been in charge afterward of the opening and managing of the Canadian branch office. He also offers his services to North American as well as European companies in their cross-border indirect tax issues. In addition to that, he provides tax solutions and strategic insight.

Global presence

He assists companies in collaboration with other colleagues in the application of tax solutions for companies’ import/export operations and international sales. Taxation being complex, the goal is to provide a centralized solution with a single point of contact for companies dealing with internal business.

Field of expertise

  • Tax representation in Canada
  • Non-Resident Importer of record services in Canada and USA
  • GST/HST/PST registration for non-resident businesses in Canada
  • Sales tax services in the USA
  • Tax representation in the European Union (UE)
  • Vat refund services in the EU
  • E-commerce tax solutions in the EU and Canada
  • Real estate tax representation in France
  • Vat & Customs strategies for your business and supply chain
  • Intrastat / trade of good declaration in the EUsingle point of contact for companies dealing with the internal business he will support your international expansion.

Arnaud Vincent Philibert works for a tax firm that provides a wide range of tax services in Europe, Canada & the USA, the Middle East, and Asia. As a single point of contact for companies dealing with internal business, he will support your international expansion.