Indirect Tax Specialist- France

Didier Delangue begins his activity as a tax representative in 1993, after working for several years as a customs agency leader for important businesses. He is an autodidact who shows a great interest in the corporate world.

It is in those days, with the creation of the Schengen Area and the opening of the European borders, that Didier Delangue comes to realize that customs declarations were becoming increasingly complex. Facing constantly changing regulations, Didier Delangue has chosen the mission to support his clients and to facilitate their international development. The main targets of the group are to support clients by simplifying and managing administrative procedures and also helping them achieve and maintain compliance facing these ever-changing regulations.

Our services

Nowadays, Didier Delangue’s tax firm deals in international taxes and VAT (Value Added Tax), customs obligations, and posting of workers, providing tailor-made expertise for its clients through a large panel of services. Moreover, thanks to the network of experts deployed by Didier Delangue, the French group can take action around the world, offering a single point of contact, which ensures clear and continuous exchanges.

Field of expertise

  • Tax representation in France
  • Tax representation in the European Union (UE)
  • Vat refund services in the EU
  • Refund of TICPE tax
  • Vat audit
  • E-commerce VAT solutions in the EU
  • Real estate tax representation in France
  • Vat management for yacht
  • Vat & Customs strategies for your business and supply chain
  • Customs clearance service in France
  • Intrastat / trade of good declaration in the EU
  • Vat training