Business Specialist


Diego started his Bachelors in International Taxation and law at the Rhine-Waal university of applied sciences in 2015, after graduating from high school in Aruba.


Diego has had a diverse career thus far. In 2016, he started working as a sports reporter for Dutch football league games. In the same year, he got a job working as a lead researcher for Grohe AG at their corporate headquarters in Dusseldorf. He kept both of these jobs during his studies up until 2018 when he went back to Aruba for a 6-month internship with Grant Thornton – working as a tax assistant. After he returned to Germany in 2019, he started working with Duijn’s Tax Solutions as a Paralegal. Currently, he is working mainly on the acquisition side of the business. Diego has a dynamic skill set, but his main focus is providing international tax & incorporation services for entrepreneurs.


Working hard is second nature to a person like Diego. During his studies, he always worked at least 1 full-time job. To him, practical experience is more valuable than sitting in a classroom. Diego learned that if you want to succeed, you must be a go-getter, and you should very rarely take no for an answer. His passion has always been more or less the same: it is all about building relationships and creating value. ‘’I enjoy speaking to entrepreneurs around the world and coming up with real solutions to their problems. The best part is when you have an idea that they did not even consider at first. You can tell that your contributions are valued. No client is the same, so I am learning about different industries and markets almost daily”.

He is currently a partner with DBI and CompanyNL.

Due to his extensive network in the Caribbean and beyond, Diego is able to assist with setting up companies in many offshore jurisdictions as well, such as Cayman Island, Mauritius, Bahamas, Curaçao, and more.

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