Israel Foreign Business Expert

Calev Myers, Israeli Attorney

Calev Myers is Founding Partner of the Jerusalem City Center branch at one of Israel’s top-tier law commercial law firms.

His law firm serves as legal consultant for a variety of significant Israeli clients including, inter alia, national banks, government companies, government ministries, statutory authorities, international concerns, investment funds, financial institutions, hotels, academic institutions, hi-Tech in bio-tech companies and non-profit organizations. Apart from the Israeli clients handled by the firm, it represents many international clients from China, the US, Europe (including Spain, Poland, France, Switzerland, England, Germany and Italy), India, Korea, Viet Nam, Japan, Canada, Australia, South America and South Africa.

Having immigrated himself from the United States in 1992, and studying law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Calev and his team are passionate about helping international clients navigate the complex Israeli business environment. Calev has over 20 years of successful experience in representing international clients with establishing a strong foundation for successful acclimation into the Israeli market.

Calev’s entire team of 10 lawyers, paralegals and interns are bi-lingual and love to make sure that their clients make fully-informed decisions. From establishing of corporate entities (for-profit and non-profit), opening and managing bank accounts and trust accounts, real estate acquirement, personal status, immigration and tax consultation, to vetting of potential investment opportunities, Calev’s office is a one-stop shop for international clients in Israel.