Israel Legal Specialist

Mr.  Muhammad Biadsee, Adv,  holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a commercial specialization. He also holds an MBA with a specialization in real estate financing, from the Hebrew University.

Adv. Muhammad Biadsee is one of the leading professionals in the field of real estate in Israel. Biadsee accompanies many large-scale residential and office projects as part of an entrepreneurial framework, as well as residential construction projects as part of urban renewal. In these projects, Biadsee handles all legal aspects related to such projects, from legal due diligence of real estate assets in the acquisition of rights, consulting in the field of taxation, financing and obtaining banking assistance, planning, and construction, agreements with contractors and suppliers, marketing, and sale agreements.

Biadsee is also considered an expert in all areas of real estate, including planning and construction, and complex real estate transactions such as combination transactions, residential projects, real estate transactions owned by the Israel Land Authority, and transactions for designation and construction of agricultural land.

Our Unique Approach

“Games are won by players who focus on the playing field –- not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.”

Our Services

  • Real Estate:

Representation in transactions of all types in the real estate industry and represents a variety of parties: companies, contractors, developers, sellers and buyers, tenants, and property owners.

Representation of private developers and contractors in a variety of transactions in the fields of residential construction and commercial areas, income-producing real estate projects. Handling of combination transactions, urban renewal, complex transactions.

  • Planning and construction:

Advice on the planning and construction aspects of transactions for individuals and for and large projects. Accompanying real estate transactions in all aspects of planning and construction, including the required early planning inspections and representation on planning and construction committees.

  • Banking and finance:

Unique expertise in accompanying financing transactions in the real estate fields.

  • Commercial:

Conducting legal negotiations in complex and multi-partner transactions. Representation in business disputes, assistance in everything related to opening a business in Israel or dissolving businesses, business contracts and partnership agreements, dissolution of a partnership, breach of contract, and more.

  • Administrative/public law:

Accompaniment and advice in a variety of areas of administrative law, including local authority matters, planning, and construction, regulation, etc.

Accompanying and representing in the various proceedings of administrative law, including submitting petitions to the High Court, administrative petitions, and administrative appeals. Advising bodies and administrative institutions in matters of negotiations, due diligence, drafting contracts, financing procedures for mergers and acquisitions, and more.

We are glad to offer you comprehensive and expert advice! We are ready to represent your interests throughout Israel.