Jakarta Business Specialist

Mega Rizkiani is a graduate of Law from the prestigious Diponegoro University in Indonesia. She has many years’ experience setting up businesses and has helped hundreds of people turn their dreams into a reality. She has exceptional knowledge about the industry and has helped independent as well as multinational companies, expand into South East Asia’s most promising market. Her exceptional attention to detail combined with her attentive nature have helped ensure she is one of the most sought-after Company Establishment Experts within Indonesia. Whether you are looking to set up a local company, an international company or a representative office in Indonesia, Mega is the most reliable expert in the city. In addition to Company Establishment, she can also help review and draft agreements, draft company regulations, register trademarks, set up business licenses, revise company documents as well as offer legal consultations. Mega joined LetsMoveIndonesia in 2018 and has since helped overhaul the working practices in the industry allowing LetsMoveIndonesia become the trendsetters in the market.

About LetsMoveIndonesia:

LetsMoveIndonesia was established in 2016 with a goal to be the most ethical, creative and cost-effective Real Estate & Relocations provider in the region.
Since then they have helped hundreds of people from all over the world with their Property, Visa, Company Establishment and Relocation needs.

They are proud to be a forward-thinking, ethical company, which is why we were the first agency to be based in a mall, so their clients could meet them in person. They were also the first agency to advertise Visa & Company Establishment prices both on and offline, and the first agency to offer set price Real Estate fees.

With complete transparency, a market leading mindset and a strong focus on delivering excellent customer service, it’s no wonder why LetsMoveIndonesia is the Most Trusted Agency in Jakarta