Kuala Lumpur Business Specialist

Mr. A Anirbaan is a professional corporate lawyer and business advisor who believes in transparent legal business process & building relation through successful business services, successfully providing business advisory, company incorporation, accounting, audit, business bank account, licenses & taxation services with last 8 years experiences, his firm is one of the best ranked & awarded corporate firm in Malaysia. With vast experience & success records on business services, to provide a one-stop business solution to local & international investors, companies in Malaysia, he grandly founded Lim & Ani Associates Sdn Bhd – www.mbbusinessjoint.com , a specialized corporate firm to provide services as per the needs of Malaysian & foreign investment & business clients in Malaysia. Providing services to many clients from different countries in Malaysia.

Mr. A Anirbaanhas spent significant portions of his career in assisting Malaysian citizen, foreign investors and businesses operating in Malaysia & Singapore region. He is famous for his legal services, investment advisory, accounting planning, taxation planning, company incorporation, business bank account opening & licenses advisories better for any type of business entities, specially customized as per their need. He is also a well-known mentor & advisor to many successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia, USA, India, Dubai, Iran, Bangladesh & many other countries. In addition, his company has Malaysian taxation authority & company commission licenses to provide all these services. His team of chartered accountants, company secretaries, auditors, tax agents, lawyers are highly reputed in Malaysia with genuine success stories.

Mr. A Anirbaan, believes in close business relation with clients & provide them customized personal services as per their need, clients satisfaction in a legal way is the first priority, he is also initiated & maintaining a vast international investors network in Malaysia know as “Businessmen Guild” under his firm “Lim & Ani Associates” to make & maintain a sound business relation between international businessmen & local businessmen in Malaysia. Mr. Anirbaan’s success stories with investors & new entrepreneurs played a very important role on the growth of foreign investment, taxation & company solution sector of Malaysia, with personalized assistance and expert guidance on their company registration, accounting, investment management planning, asset management advisory, banking advisory, business licenses advisory, business & personal taxes, investment taxes, legal papers and business growth advisory.

Mr. A Anirbaan’s firm “Lim & Ani Associates Sdn Bhd” ranked very high in the best 12 accounting firm in Malaysia, because of his clear, satisfactory & professionally experienced service. His work style with new challenges made him unique in the industry & clients. For authentic, updated, legal services & info clients made his firm their first choice in business & financial service issues.

The office of Mr. A Anirbaan and his associates places the highest emphasis intense data security and confidentiality for clients privacy. Not only business services, a smooth personal advisory, mentoring for new foreign clients in Malaysia also a famous service of his firm. His firm also providing special services like higher education in Malaysia for client’s children helped those clients who want their cost-effective but high-quality education in Malaysia. His firm providing service charge free admission process for client’s children in Malaysia.