Lisbon Business Specialist

Carlos Carneiro Gomes is one of the founders and currently the senior managing partner of “PMCG, Sociedade de Advogados”, a Portuguese independent law firm.

He graduated at the Lisbon Law school and was later admitted as a member of the Portuguese Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados) in 1992.

From 1992 to 1998, Carlos acted as a lawyer in the liquidation of credit institutions and financial corporations under the administrative action of the Portuguese Central Bank.

From 2000 onwards, Carlos’s practice has been developed mostly in corporate law matters, providing legal counseling to local and foreign companies acting within the Portuguese market.

Carlos specializes in national and international investment operations, including company set-up, mergers, acquisitions and conversions, joint ventures and other transactions, including the reorganization and restructuring of national and international large and medium-sized concerns from different economic sectors, and legal entity types.

Within the latest, Carlos´s expertise extends from pre-insolvency and restructuring proceedings to the company liquidation.

In his practice, Carlos is often requested to act as a representative in Creditors Comities, as well as to conduct the legal representation of the Insolvent Estates in the conduction of legal actions related to the liquidation activities. In this capacity, Carlos represents several Insolvent Estates in complex transnational insolvent proceedings with the EU space.

Carlos is a full member of the UIA (Union International des Avocats), INSOL, and ULN (United Legal Network).

Areas of expertise:

  1. Business /Corporate Law; M&A
  2. Tax Law
  3. Litigation and Arbitration

About the firm :

PMCG provides full range services in all corporate related subjects, representing investor parties on their venture activities in Portugal and abroad.

Our clients are majorly companies and corporations of either national or international origin, acting in different economic sectors, with expanding their activities to the Portuguese market, where we provide our services.

At PMCG, we seek to provide high quality, efficient and skillful services, and solutions, in a timely manner, which translate into effectively added value gains towards our Clients.

Our standards of quality and excellence, imprinted in our daily activity, reflect the commitment we make towards our Clients, as with all whom we interact and interface with.
We base our client relationships on trust and proximity, striving to update and improve our skills and the services we offer in order to quickly adapt and address their constantly evolving needs.
We are committed to cater our services efficiently, in accordance with rigorous standards of high quality, in a timely manner, with adequate cost regarding their nature, complexity, and urgency.
We apply and enforce, throughout the whole of our organization, the highest levels of professional ethics, technical excellence and professional responsibility.