London Business Specialist

Electra Japonas is founder and CEO of The Law Boutique (TLB). She founded TLB after spending 10 years as an in-house lawyer in large organisations, where she was responsible for negotiating, drafting and managing contracts with small suppliers and start-ups. She saw that these smaller businesses lacked support which in led to some serious mistakes. Small, eager businesses were signing away their IP for next to nothing, signing up to obligations they couldn’t adhere to and mismanaging negotiations so badly that their relationships with their clients were damaged beyond repair. Electra started TLB to help these smaller companies through a modern, agile legal service that would specifically be tailored to the needs of start-ups and their ways of working. Since she started TLB in 2012, Electra has grown her team to 10 and served over 200 SMEs who seek a modern solutions to their legal needs.

The Law Boutique is a modern, agile legal consultancy that focuses on helping start-ups and small businesses with their legal matters. Through the use of technology, agile processes and a passionate team that is determined to change the face of law, we offer maximum value at a fraction of the cost. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in London, TLB has successfully served over 200 businesses to date, both in the UK and internationally. TLB can help you with all your business matters including commercial contracts, corporate, employment, data protection and intellectual property law.