Maldives Business Specialist

Mr. Ashraf is a professional lawyer, consultant, and advisor specialized in commercial law. He is also a practicing attorney in civil litigation, consultant, and advisor for foreign investors in the Maldives.

Mr. Ashraf has been practicing law for over 15 years after achieving his LLB and three years after his LLM in 2009. During this period he has focused on his career by working in the Anti- Corruption Board, Maldives. He has rapidly moved up after obtaining his Diploma in Accounting in1996. Working in the Anti-Corruption Board, he realized that lacking a law background proved to be a hindrance to accomplishing his tasks. Consequently, he embarked in the field of laws and afterward. In 2011, he joined the Police Integrity Commission as the Department Head of Legal Affairs, and in 2012 he then joined the Ministry of Finance and Treasury as a Legal Consultant.

Mr. Ashraf is one of the top consultants and advisors in corporate and banking law when it comes to foreign direct investments in the Maldives. His colleagues and associates are highly qualified and have immense experience to deal with and conclude any form of business transaction in the Maldives.

Apart from practicing law, to keep up with the development of business law with complex cross-border business transactions, he continues to teach business law in various institutes in the Maldives. Apart from being an advisor, consultant, and lecturer, he has been working as a non-executive director of many State-Owned Enterprises.