Malta Tax Adviser

Mr. Malcolm Mejlaq is a professional Maltese tax accountant and advisor who throughout his professional life built up a great and broad network that reflects his multidisciplinary approach and personal touch. 

Being a highly qualified and competent Maltese Tax Accountant and an entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience, Mr. Mejlaq has spent most of his career assisting a number of local and multinational clients and gained experience in recurring tax advice, due diligence, transfer pricing, tax incentives, restructuring and tax planning, and structuring of financial products. Besides tax planning, representing clients, setting up corporate structures, and assisting clients to relocate to Malta, he also acts as company director/secretary for a variety of established companies. 

His specialized, turnkey combination of tax advisory services and business accountancy services equip businesses — from small organizations to enterprise-level corporations — with the quantitative analysis, computation, calculation, and consulting they need to make their most profitable decisions. Through his continuous investment in technology, he succeeds in maintaining high-quality standards and is at the forefront in presenting innovative solutions, which assure his clients that he is constantly focused on their needs. He is committed to working closely with his clients to enable them to effectively respond to tax-saving opportunities and to help ensure their business is administrated to adhere to all compliance stipulations.

He is driven to provide exceptional tax services, delivered in a highly personalized way. Besides the obvious professional competencies and comprehensive knowledge in Maltese taxes, Mr. Mejlaq is one of the few licensed professionals in Malta who personally communicate with and supervise every single tax-related case of their clients, through his clear and precise communication skills. This gives his clients an unparalleled advantage of getting regular, accurate updates and streamlined advice that they can comprehend easily.