Massachusetts Business Specialist

Gene Barton is a corporate lawyer, advising private equity firms, strategic acquirers and entrepreneurs on middle-market merger and acquisition transactions. He also serves as outside General Counsel to corporations providing strategic business advice.

Gene has over 30 years’ experience working with U.S. and international clients in a wide spectrum of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and technology.

Gene is recognized by Chambers as a leading merger and acquisition attorney.


  • Chambers USA, Corporate M&A, Massachusetts, 2019 (Recognized Practitioner)


  • Member, National Association of Venture/Private Equity-Backed CFOs


  • Massachusetts
  • New York


  • Boston University (B.A., 1979)- cum laude
  • Boston University (J.D., 1982) – magna cum laude

Representative Matters

Merger of Complex Medical Services Provider with a KKR Portfolio Company: Representation of BrightSpring Health Management Team in connection with their merger with Pharmerica, a KKR portfolio company.

Negotiated Esports Sponsorship Contract with Red Bull: Negotiated an Esports sponsorship contract with Red Bull on behalf of the youngest player to compete in Major Hearthstone tournaments, who in turn won the biggest tournament in the Americas.

Negotiated Esports Player Agreement: Crafted and negotiated a player agreement on behalf of an American Esports professional player in connection with the team Tempo Storm.

Return on Intelligence Merger with Emergn: Representation of Return on Intelligence in connection with its merger with Emergn.

National Monitoring Center Sale to Netwatch Group: Representation of National Monitoring Center (NMC) on their sale to Netwatch Group, a holding company sponsored by Riverside.

Cloud Technology Partners Sale to HPE: Representation of Cloud Technology Partners in its sale to HPE.

Minuteman Technology Sale to Prospect Partners: Representation of Minuteman Technology in its sale to Prospect Partners.

Argotec Sale to Scheweitzer-Maudit International: Representation of Argotec in its sale to Scheweitzer-Maudit International.

Advanced Scientifics Sale to Thermo Fisher Scientific: Representation of Advanced Scientifics in its sale to Thermo Fisher Scientific.

LBP Manufacturing Sale to Pritzer Group: Representation LBP Manufacturing in its sale to the Pritzer Group.

Argotec Acquisition of J.P. Stevens Elastomerics: Representation of Argotec in its acquisition of J.P. Stevens Elastomerics.

Novel Ingredient Services and AdvantraZ Sale to GenNx360: Representation of Novel Ingredient Services and AdvantraZ in their sale to GenNx360.

Return on Intelligence Merger with Exigen Services: Representation of Return on Intelligence in its merger with Exigen Services.

Wind Point Partners Acquisition of Argotec: Representation of Wind Point Partners in its acquisition of Argotec.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Sale of its LWS Business to Open Gate Capital: Representation of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s sale of its LWS business to Open Gate Capital.

Xcellerex Sale to GE Healthcare: Representation of Xcellerex, a Kleiner Perkins portfolio company, in its sale to GE Healthcare.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquisition of Princeton Securities Technologies Inc.: Representation of Thermo Fisher Scientific in its acquisition of Princeton Securities Technologies Inc.

Wrapsol Sale to Otterbox: Representation of Wrapsol in its sale to Otterbox.

Cloud Technology Partners Venture Capital Financing: Representation of Cloud Technology Partners in its venture capital financing, led by Oak Investment Partners.

Le Papillon Ltd. and Phoenix Glass Sale to Ileos: Representation of Le Papillon Ltd. and Phoenix Glass in their sale to Ileos, an Oaktree Capital Management portfolio company.

Nutravail Merger Into the FRS Company: Representation of Nutravail in its merger into the FRS Company, an Oak Partners portfolio company.

Calnetix Power Solutions Sale to GE Power Solutions: Representation of Calnetix Power Solutions in its sale to GE Power Solutions.

Natural Products Joint Venture Acquisition of Merck’s Natural Products Division: Representation of Natural Products Joint Venture, an affiliate of PepsiCo, in its acquisition of Merck’s Natural Products Division.

Direct Drive Systems Sale to FMC Corp: Representation of Direct Drive Systems in its sale to FMC Corp.

Venture Tape Corporation Sale to 3M: Representation of Venture Tape Corporation in its sale to 3M.

HCPro Leverage Recapitalization: Representation of the management of HCPro in leverage recapitalization led by Halyard Capital.

Published Image, Inc. Sale to Standard and Poors: Representation of Published Image, Inc. in its sale to Standard and Poors.

Cross-Industry Communications Sale to Protocol Holdings: Representation of Cross-Industry Communications in its sale to Protocol Holdings.

A.W. Chesterton Company Divisions Sale: Representation of A.W. Chesterton Company in the sale of two of its divisions.

Consolidated Group, Inc. Sale to Health Plan Systems: Representation of the Consolidated Group, Inc. in its sale to Health Plan Systems.

Qiave Technologies Corporation Sale to WatchGuard Technologies Corporation: Representation of Qiave Technologies Corporation in its sale to WatchGuard Technologies Corporation.

The Credit Network Sale to Kroll: Representation of The Credit Network in its sale to Kroll.

Venture Tape Acquisition of BOMA: Representation of Venture Tape in its acquisition of BOMA.

Beacon Fiduciary Advisors Sale to the Bank of New York Company: Representation of Beacon Fiduciary Advisors in its sale to the Bank of New York Company.

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