Mauritius Business Specialist

Hafeez Toofail is a strong legal and compliance professional based in Mauritius, with practical experience in banking, financial and data protection laws. He inter alia holds a bachelor of Law with Honours – LLB (Hons) from the University of Mauritius, a Graduate Diploma in Law from BPP Law School (UK), a Masters of Law (LLM) in Financial and Commercial Law from the University of Central Lancashire and an MSC in Islamic Finance from Universiti Brunei Darussalam. 

In the past years, Mr Toofail has previously worked at the Bank of Mauritius as an Analyst and Bank Officer Grade I in the Legal Services Division wherein his main responsibility was to provide legal support to different departments of the Central Bank and advise on supervisory matters. Mr Toofail was also involved in the setting up, and subsequently seconded to, the Mauritius Investment Corporation Ltd, thus being well versed with the legal and regulatory framework of the financial sector of Mauritius.

Mr Toofail is also a certified AML/CFT Compliance professional, having extensive experience in AML/CFT. He is also an approved officer with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) acting as MLRO/Compliance Officer for different companies. Mr. Toofail can advise on a potential license set up in Mauritius, whether it be a banking or financial services license. Also, individuals and companies may also avail his services for compliance consultancy and support, and further gets advice encompassing AML/CFT, Governance or Data Protection Laws.

On a side note, Mr. Toofail is a part-time lecturer at the Open University of Mauritius, lecturing on laws related to the banking and financial sector in Mauritius. He is also a member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD).